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Facilities Management

Facilities management strategies and general advice

As companies grow so, usually, do their property portfolios. Yet the importance of the maintenance of the buildings and the functionality of the services and facilities is all too frequently ignored until a crisis occurs or property costs spiral out of control. MDW can advise on the appropriate strategy to suit the needs of an organization and help ensure that business risks and costs are minimised.



Are you paying too much for reactive building repairs? Are your properties being maintained in compliance with legal requirements or is your business potentially exposed to claims from staff, customers or the general public? Are your contractors doing what they are contracted to do or billing you for? If you’re uncertain about your answer to any of these questions then you may wish to consider commissioning an audit of your facilities management procedures or existing contracts.


Outsourcing of facilities management consultancy

Facilities management is a non-core activity for most businesses and, for some companies, there may be a strong business case for outsourcing not only the delivery of some or all of the facilities management activities, but also the professional management of those activities. We are happy to discuss the potential savings and efficiencies afforded by an outsourced professional solution.

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